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Welcome to the Transitions Knowledge Bank, a web-based resource for applying William Bridges’ Transition framework to social change efforts. Bridges, an internationally recognized management consultant, defines Transition as the emotional response to change that needs to be appropriately managed for the change to be successful.

Inspired by the profound impact that Bridges’ work has had on hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals, the Andrus Family Fund (AFF), New York University’s Center on Violence and Recovery (CVR), and William and Susan Bridges have partnered to develop this Transitions resource for leaders of social change.

Nowhere is the concept of Transition more relevant than in the context of social change, which at its core, seeks to transform individuals and communities.

As Transition unleashes the transformative power of change, it prompts us to raise and address questions that we might otherwise ignore. It urges us to face our emotions and normalize the anxiety that often surrounds change. In short, Transition forces us to be more reflective about our response to social change and to develop initiatives that have a greater likelihood of success.

The stories, tools and lessons contained in this site are designed to help change agents sustain the individual and community transformations they work tirelessly to achieve.

William Bridges

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